Craigslist dad a 'bit of a dick' says baby's mother

VANCOUVER -- The mother of a week-old baby girl who was listed on Craigslist for $10,000 offered a "guarantee" that the tot's father was not trying to sell the infant.

Instead, Bethany Granholm, 23, said Jeremy Pete, 26, was just "joking" and being a "bit of a dick" when he posted the controversial ad last Friday.

The ad offered the "unexpected" but very "healthy" and "very cute" baby for sale to a good home as soon as possible. A cellphone number was provided.

"I can guarantee you, he was not trying to sell our daughter," Ms. Granholm told Vancouver paper The Province. "This has turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes he's made in his life."

While she initially wanted Mr. Pete to be involved in the baby's life, Ms. Granholm said she now questions if she will ever "speak to him again."

She said she had no part in posting the ad and would have never agreed to a sale.

"I was never planning to give her to anybody," she said. "She is more valuable than anything."

Like Mr. Pete, she admitted she's made "quite a few mistakes" in her past, but has been healthy and clean since learning she was pregnant. Carrying a child, she said, changed her life.

"She is the best thing that ever happened to me," she said.

The baby girl, whose name is Beverley, was seized by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

"We [my family] all want her back. There isn't anything the [ministry] would ask of us, that we wouldn't do for the baby."

The parents are expected to meet with the ministry in the coming days to discuss the child's future .

Police were tipped off to the ad by a Pitt Meadows woman just hours after it went live. Using the phone number found on the ad, police tracked the couple to a West End apartment where Mr. Pete's mother lives with her boyfriend.

Both Ms. Granholm and Mr. Pete were arrested but later released after the Crown deemed there wasn't enough evidence to support charges. Police are still investigating the matter.

Mr. Pete, who has a three-month-old son with another woman with whom he now lives, explained to The Province the ad resulted from a comment a friend made to him about how "adorable" his children were. He said the friend suggested he sell him one of his kids.

"It became a discussion between me and Bethany," he said. "I wasn't saying we should sell ours. We were discussing how that kind of thing happens."

He acknowledged the ad was in "bad taste" but never comprehended the kind of consequences that would come from doing "something like that."

He described the whole thing as a "sick joke."

"And I did never believe I was putting my daughter in harm," he said. "Because, you know, she was here and secure with us."

He confirmed Ms. Granholm didn't approve of the ad and hung up on the one caller who responded to

the ad.

Choking back tears, he said he's angry at himself for what he did, but accepts responsibility.

He has since been forced to stay at his mother's West End apartment because the government contacted his girlfriend and "strongly suggested" he stay away from his son until the matter is resolved, he said.

Still, he likes to think of himself as a good father and described

Beverley's birth as "amazing."

"I really like to think I am" a good father, he said tearfully. "But after everything that is being said about me... it is kind of hard."

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